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The three IRS

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for ARHP:

1) Better Assess Information Provided in the Public Sector

2) Identify Biases and Influences in Public Sector Information

3) Filter Through Public Information, Determine Its Basic Facts for Your Own Use in Decision Making, Life Application, and Community Involvement

The body of people and ideals that comprise the One-World Government effort are identified in the scholarly work documented in a six part publication by Rema marketing labeled ‘World Empire – Final Destination’. This thoroughly-researched effort names people and organizations involved in this conspiracy and lists references wherein any doubter can prove/disprove the existence of the conspiracy.

Basically, the people involved are members of the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers, plus a representative sample of high-ranking people from every significant government on earth, plus specially-chosen officers from many multi-national corporations; and the world’s bankers. Many of the objectives of the One-World Government group are taken directly from those of the Illuminati. In that light, we will now turn our attention to the Illuminati, their origin, and their stated goals, because these goals are identical to those of the one World Government.
In the late 1700s, Adam Weishaupt, a former Jesuit, formed the Illuminati. He wrote a document describing their goals and sent it to a confederate by courier. Enroute, the courier was struck by lightening and the document was discovered by the Bavarian police. In it, the primary Illuminati goals were revealed to be, among others; 1) complete destruction of all civil government, 2) complete destruction of all religion, 3) complete destruction of all forms of nationalism and patriotism and 4) complete destruction of the family unit. This document was on display for many years in the British museum until lord Rothchild was appointed museum director, at which time, it mysteriously disappeared. Fortunately, the document is still in the archives of Ingolstadt, Bavaria.bavaria-05

Naturally, the Illuminati organization was banned in Bavaria and other parts of Europe, but by this time, they had infiltrated the higher levels of Freemasonry and therefore were operational in every country in Europe, and it is primarily through this influence that the ideals of the Illuminati have survived and morphed through all the ensuing years.
The purpose here is not to trace the development of the Illuminati in all subsequent years, but rather, to state their goals in terms of actions that we see all around us, each day of our lives. In today’s societies, the primary Illuminati goals, which henceforth, we will refer to as Illuminati-inspired One-World-Government goals.


1) Establish a one-world unified church and monetary system.
2) Utterly destroy all national identity and national pride.
3) Destroy all religion, except the Illuminati One-World religion.
4) Destroy the family unit.
5) Encourage, and eventually legalize the use of drugs.
6) Demoralize workers by creating mass unemployment.
7) Create one crisis after another and through control of the mass media, appear to ‘manage’ each crisis.
8) Introduce and support new religious cults.
9) Engineer a total collapse of the world’s economies, and support political chaos.
10) Take control of all domestic and foreign policies in the USA.
11) Fully support the United Nations.
12) Penetrate and destroy all governments of the world.
13) Organize and support a world-wide terrorist apparatus.
14) Take control of education in America and work to utterly destroy it.


A high place is a place where schemes that are destructive to our society are:
1) conceived
2) birthed
3) incubated
4) matured through trial and error, and finally
5) released through surrogates to change the society.

High places have been pervasive in all societies throughout history.

ARHP Foundation seeks to expose these schemes so that the individual can be better prepared to counteract them at his/her local level. ARHP Foundation does not seek to originate local, regional or national counter-organizations.

Attack & Raze the High Places





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