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Matthew has overcome Asperger’s Autism!

Matthew has overcome Asperger’s Autism!

If you have a child or other family member who is currently struggling with autism, they might benefit from a direct contact with Matthew.  He will be glad to help you.  His contact information is:  Ph: 616-916-7468 Email:

Autism – A Story of Courage And Triumph!

If you, or someone you know struggles with autism, perhaps they would like to correspond with someone who has struggled with and overcome one of the more critical strains of autism. His name is Matthew Schutte.

Mathew Scutte

Matthew Schutte, Diagnosed with the “Asperger’s” Form of Autism

Here, in Matthew’s own words (unedited), are challenges he has overcome.

Challenges in my life:

“God put me through growing up and how I overcame them”

    1) Bullying at Creston high school – God taught me the hard way to love the bully.

    2) Losing my mother – I overcame this by trusting Jesus and He became like a mother to me.

    3) Living with my step mother – I trusted God and He helped me to eventually move out to where I am now taking care of my grandmother.


Messages that I want autistic people to hear:

   1) Christianity is not a religion. Religion is as mankind trying to make it to God but Christianity is God coming to us when we were still sinners and making a way for us to join Him.

   2) In this place called the world (planet earth) there are 2 possible life style options; a) we live for Christ, or b) we live for the world and if this is true, then we are serving the devil.

   3) If we are followers of Christ there is a special book which we must read to find out what God wants us to do with our lives. This book (the Bible) is God’s road map to how He wants us to live.

   4) There are 2 very real places that we can spend eternity; 1) in hell, separated from God, or 2) in heaven alive with God. Note: these 2 places are eternal and forever.

   5) The Lord is willing that we all come to repentance so that we can live with Him in heaven someday, but we have to accept His free gift of salvation first, in order for this acceptance to be possible. We must be willing to change and come to saving faith in Him.

   6) There are 2 ways to get to eternity (Matthew 7:13-24); 1) a broad and big way to get to destruction in hell, and 2) a little and straight gate to get to glory in heaven. Which will you    choose?

   7) The Lord can use anything we have, even our so called ‘blemishes’.

   8) We may have challenges but God sees these challenges as unique opportunities to use us for His glory.

   9) That we are all special in the Lord’s eyes, but no one is better or more special than another.

   10) That heaven and hell are both real places and heaven was made for God and His followers to live with Him forever and hell was created only for the devil and his angels.

   11) That everyone has sinned (Rom 3:23) and we all need a savior.

   12) That God loves them so much, He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for them.


Matthew’s phone number is: 616-916-7468

Matthews email is:


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