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Help us study the brain. Learn how here!

Help us study the brain. Learn how here!


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1) Transporting Mainstream Neuroscience to New Frontiers

2) Challenging Mainstream Neuroscience with Revolutionary New Concepts

3) Applying Today’s Engineering Practices with Existing Neuroscience Research Results, to create a Cohesive Top-Down Design Structure of the Brain


We warn you in advance:, reading this will challenge you to ask: ‘why are the world governments and some of their top corporations spending more billions of dollars in mainstream science research’ when the use of those dollars applied to these new concepts would yield a more complete model, sooner?



AHP Foundation is Sponsoring a Program of Brain Research.

Our present team consists of engineers, not neuroscientists. As engineers, (with over 100 years of design experience) we know from experience that any sizable system design that is undertaken from the bottom up will always be late in delivery because the basic design has insufficient structure to handle the system complexity, and a design start-over, with attendant delays and cost over-runs is always required.

The human brain is probably the most complex system in existence. Previous brain research is extensive, but all previous research has been from the bottom up. To our knowledge, no sufficient top down design structure of the human brain exists. But sufficient research does exist to create a top down structure of the brain.

We have rigorously researched the available (and extensive) published brain research and have created a plausible top-down structure for the brain. Based on our extensive experience in this field, we claim that our proposed structure can lead to a finished-validated model sooner than any present brain research program can ever possibly achieve. Sure, some of our assumptions will prove incorrect, but after we make these corrections, we will still cross the finish line well ahead of any competitor.

We are acutely aware of the ‘scientific method’ where a hypothesis is stated and then tests are conducted to confirm or refute the hypothesis. We claim that our brain structure, having been constructed from existing brain research, has already been proven valid. We intend to use the scientific test method whenever an element of our structure needs test confirmation. If a change is required, it will not invalidate the overall structure; it will just require a tweaking of one of its lower branches.

We intend to use one brain structure to perform two design programs; 1) design an autonomous robotic vehicle that can survive on a hot battlefield in conditions not previously encountered, and 2) design a system that can present to a qualified physician EEG analyses that enable him/her to identify a developing physical malfunction early enough that effective corrective actions can be prescribed.

We state the primary program attributes (below) for two system designs, to enlist qualified research help. There is no pay for this effort; it is all volunteer work. We intend to carefully screen all applicants, for obvious reasons. We are looking for individuals, not organizations.



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