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Learn how to interpret stock patterns for free.

Learn how to interpret stock patterns for free.

 The Financial Corner – List of Patterns 

Here is a list of stock patterns. Each link leads to a page that explains how to interpret the selected stock pattern.

Definition of Stock Pattern Terms

Breakouts Defined

Broadening Formations Right Angled And Ascending

Broadening Formations Right Angled And Descending

Broadening Bottoms

Broadening Tops

Bump And Run Reversal Bottoms

 Bump And Run Reversal Tops

Head And Shoulders Bottoms Complex

Head And Shoulders Tops

Head And Shoulders Tops, Complex

Rectangle Bottoms

Rectangle Tops

Rounding Bottoms

Rounding Tops

Scallops Descending

Scallops Ascending

Scallops Descending And Inverted

Scallops Ascending And Inverted

Triangles Descending

Triangles, Symmetrical Bottoms (Bullish)

Triangles Symmetrical Tops (Bearish)

Wedges Rising

Double Bottoms

Triangles Ascending

Double Tops

Cup (See Rounding Bottoms)

Cup With Handle

Cup With Handle Inverted

Diamond Bottoms

Diamond Tops

Triple Bottoms

Triple Tops

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