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Mercy For You

In all the teaching of Christ, “love” stands out as being the essence of what GOD holds most precious for his children.

Mercy is the Greatest ACTION of love that we possess and it mimics GOD’s behavior toward us.  Mercy encompasses forgiveness and restraint, compassion and empathy regardless of our understanding or acquiescence.

Nothing in your head or heart will impact others without action.  If the most devoted, loving, merciful person on earth were praying in solitude 24 hours a day in a cave somewhere, nobody would benefit regardless of their devotion.

Mercy is an act of selfless love when given.  It is the most meaningful act of love because the person giving it is keenly aware that they do not have to.

GOD built mercy into our DNA code!  We are literally preprogrammed to be loving and merciful.  Unfortunately, the programming that is delivered to us via the social environment that we live, is often powerful enough for us to forget our original programming.

That doesn’t mean that our original programming is gone.  Not by far, because the original programming by GOD is not something that can be erased.

If you lost your way, forgot the original programming of mercy that you were born with, rest assured it is still there.  If you reach deep into your heart and forget that which the world has taught you, then you will find YOUR mercy.

Take a deep breath, take FULL responsibility for your actions and then, create the opportunity to forgive yourself.  Let go of the feelings of shame and show yourself mercy.  It’s yours to give and it never runs out.  GOD’s mercy is endless and limitless.  This is one of the divine gifts that he has given to us.

Mercy is also the best medicine to heal your heart and the aching hearts of everyone.

Steps To Create The Opportunity of Mercy For Yourself:

  1. Take responsibility for your actions. – This is different than taking the blame or making yourself wrong and beating yourself up because you think that you made a mistake. This is simply dealing with what “IS” and what actions you may have taken to result in your need for mercy.
  2. Forgive yourself. – The past is the past.  It’s not that you forget, just do not keep bringing your past actions into the present.  You are NOT what happened in the past, you are what you are right now.  So don’t allow your past to dictate your future. Truly forgive yourself.  If GOD can forgive you, then “you” can forgive you.
  3. Part of your healing process is to grieve your loss.
  4. Create the possibility for yourself to live into. – Wholeness, wellness created by the Merciful you because GOD gave you that power as a gift. Now, you get to create something entirely new for you to live into.
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