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A Message

A Message

An Important Message for Humanity!

Purpose – 

The purpose of this document is to;

1) list a set of currently published data , none of which contradicts scripture, as far as we can tell; and then,

2) using that data, define a plausible set of future events. These events will be our opinion, which is fallible. You may draw other conclusions. If so, then we will have achieved our purpose, which is to get you to think about future events and perhaps take prudent actions now.

Background In March, 2016, the Holy Spirit told me that there would be an attempt on my life in the 4th week of October or the first week of November of that year. I wrote this message down and gave it to the pastor of my church, with the request to give it back to me after Nov. 7th if I was still alive. He gave it back to me on Nov 8th and I still have it in my bible.

The attempt on my life occurred on Nov 1 and most of the facts are recorded in a Kent County Sheriff’s report on that date. This document can possibly result in another attempt on my life. However, the Lord admonishes me to be a watchman, so I have no choice. Reference Data Here are the five background documents that you are encouraged to Google and read or watch on the internet. They form the background that is necessary to understand what is presented below. 


1) The 16 year Plan to Destroy America, according to ’Natasha’ and Michael Brown. 


2) Three Days of Darkness, according to Linda Courtney 


3) Planet X, Niuru, or planet 7X, by Gill Broussard 


4) The Earth Charter, as currently published 


5) The Noahide Laws, according to Steven Ben Nun, Israeli News Live. 


Then there is a sixth document that is both relevant and important, and that is the Masonic plan for three world wars. You can read this document by Googling ‘Three World Wars’ by Albert Pike. This document hung in the British museum for many years until Lord Rothschild became a director of the museum, after which it mysteriously disappeared. The document foretold the reasons for and the results of world wars 1 and 2. It also foretells the reasons for world war 3 and what its results will be. Go read it.

Discussion –

The first eight years of the 16 year plan to destroy America were accomplished by Barack Obama. The next eight years were supposed to have been accomplished by Hillary Clinton, but God intervened and Donald Trump was elected.

This act by God was accomplished to give us four or eight years to clean up our national act before Trump’s successor is elected. The deep state that Trump inherited is so deep that many of its tentacles will remain when he leaves office, no matter how effectively he drains the swamp. The length of time it takes to rebuild what he demolished is unknown. I think it depends largely on how and if we repent as a nation and turn from our wicked ways.

According to Linda Courtney, the Lord showed her that the planet Nibiru, otherwise known as ‘Planet X’, will come between the earth and sun for three days and nights, completely blocking out the sun. This will cause great earthquakes and tsunamis, tilt the earth off its present axis, etc. During these 3 days and nights, multitudes of demons will be allowed to roam the earth, tormenting and perhaps killing multitudes of people If you stay indoors, lock your doors, close all your blinds and pray, the Lord will supernaturally protect you and your family.

Linda Courtney says that this occurs either at the mid-point or end of the great tribulation; she does not know which. She also says that ‘a’, rapture or ‘the’ rapture occurs during those three days and nights. If all this is correct, expect the earth to be permanently tilted off its axis and climate to be dramatically changed over the entire earth.
According to Gill Broussard, this planet (planet X, planet 7X or Nibiru) is real and is scheduled to re-enter our solar system soon.

He schedules it exactly in the middle (3 ½ year point) of the great tribulation. Linda Courtney said it would be either at the midpoint or end thereof (that makes two witnesses for the midpoint). Mr. Brossard reveals some pretty convincing evidence for his opinions. He also says that NASA has the ability to cloak a celestial object. I they do have that technology, you can bet that planet ‘X’ is cloaked.

The Earth Charter is authored by Michael Gorbachev and supported by Shirley McLaine. It has many, many sponsors worldwide. It is likely to soon be approved by the UN and recommended for enactment by the nations of the world. If you read the entire charter, as I did, you will find that it is a brilliantly-written document that lists a blueprint for a utopia on earth. Hidden behind all those wonderful words is a plan for absolute control of the world’s population by the Anti-Christ. The full implementation of this demonic plan will probably occur after the Three Days of Darkness, but watch for its implementation to begin even before that.

The Noahide Laws are likewise a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Crafted by the Talmudbelieving Rabbis of present-day Israel, their true intent is likewise hidden behind some cleverly-crafted language. In this case, they are touting the adoption of an Anti-Semitic law which adopts the seven Noahide Laws, a reading of which sounds like they came from the ten commandments. But hidden behind all those flowery words is the unspoken fact that if you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be convicted of being an apostate and will be beheaded. For more information on this matter, go to Israeli-News Live and listen to Steve and Jana Ben Nun explain it further. You Tube and others are effectively blocking Israeli-News Live, but for now, you can still go to Patreon and hear the full story.
So the Anti-Christ is surely coming, and when he comes, he will find the laws of all the nations of the world ready to support his purposes. We have explained, to the best of our meager ability, the groundwork that is being prepared now for the revealing of the Anti-Christ. We have listed a plausible sequence of events leading to his arrival. The rest is up to you. Go check it out!
Now recall what we said about world war 3. As you watch what unfolds with documents 1 through 5 above, keep in mind the fact that in the background, the culmination of these efforts is world war three, and remember the words of Jesus; “if these days were not shortened, there would no flesh be saved alive”.

And in the background, as you watch these events unfold, keep some ‘checkpoints’ in mind;

1) the signing of the 7 year peace plan between Israel and its enemies.

2) the building of the new temple in Jerusalem

3) the appearance of the two witnesses in Jerusalem.

4) the appearance of the anti-christ in the temple where he declares himself to be god.